We learnt a lot with the Foxy Dress design, it needed a flowing style and feel.  So we used silk/cotton blend.  And while it was silky and soft, we did have more runs in the fabric and after a few washes the dresses started to look very ragged.  So we had to change materials but not loose the pretty, flowing and soft design of this dress and also get better printing results, so we went with Rayon for our second batch.

Here's why:

  • Rayon is breathable, super important in our hot Aussie climate.  It is a natural material, made into fibre by a factory process from naturally occurring materials, mostly bamboo and wood pulp
  • Rayon can absorb (wick) more moisture than the cotton which means it cools you more. However the dress design itself still has the most impact on being cool or not
  • Rayon is a great imitator (New Foxy still feels like Silk), it dyes easily and evenly and is colourfast which results in longer lasting prints and no runs
  • Most importantly it is able to reflect the original design of the Fox Dress where the flow, feel and lightness of the dress is vital to the design.

We have a habit here of always using the best processes and technology in our production.  It makes for better service, lower prices and better products.  We keep evaluating what is the best way to bring a given design to life, some need cotton, some will feel softer with rayon and be lighter.  Some have linings, some don't.  Some with intricate prints, others a single colour.  We will keep making sure we use the best materials for each design and print to make sure our dresses are the best they can be.

08 March 2018