Winter may be over but it’s a transitional time of year and it’s hard to tell if I will be rugging up, or wearing a sundress for the day. With that in mind, it’s important to get the most out of my pieces and be able to style them for a range of weather conditions.

The versatility and quality of Number 9 Fashion’s pieces means I reach for their dresses time and again. Their new folded-collar dress is made from a beautiful stretchy fabric that is more substantial, and wrinkle-resistant than pure cotton, but light enough for summer. I was between a medium and a large (My measurements are 40 inches across the bust, and 30 inches across the waist) and I opted for a large to allow for a looser, more breathable fit for the warmer months.

The dress has a lovely square neckline, and capped sleeves and flares out to a swing skirt. I love that Number 9 Fashion’s skirts are thick enough to not need lining. I usually have to cut out the lining to be able to fit my petticoats.

The dress straddles the line between formal and casual, with the lovely details of the self-

covered buttons, and folded collar at the bust. It’s easy to dress it up with heels or make it a more casual day-look with a pair of sneakers or sandals. This dress is shorter than other dresses by Number 9 Fashion, which is great for me because I don’t have to alter the length (I'm 5'1").

This style currently comes in 3 prints that are perfect for spring; the black & red blossoms, the navy & red carnations, and the baby blue floral & birds.

The black and red blossoms print is perfect for the beginning of spring, and is great for

cooler days when styled with a cardigan and tights. The rich colours of the cherry blossoms lend themselves to a range of pairings, but I really loved styling it with red accessories for a bolder look but you could easily pair it with white or yellow accessories. 

Navy and red is a staple of summer wardrobes for a reason, the colours contrast perfectly. The carnations really pop in this print and the green leaves soften the look and tie it all together. I paired this with brown accessories to tie in with the garden party feel of this print. It is such a versatile colour palette that it would easily work with green, red and blue accessories. 

The last print is my favourite, the light blue floral birds print. These colours just scream the fresh lightness of spring and I love the watercolour style of the artwork. There’s so many lovely colours in this print it’s hard to choose which one to pair it with but I went with a rosy pink to contrast with the blue and bring out the lighter shades of the floral design. This print would also pair well with lighter shades of yellow and orange, as well as reds and greens.

All of these dresses, as well as a huge range of matching belts are available on Number 9 Fashion's website.

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18 September 2018