The ladies of years gone by have certainly shown us what classic hair styling is all about. Just look at these glam beauties and consider that they had no fancy formulated hair products or modern technology. Yet, they managed to look ultra-stunning, elegant and sophisticated.

We are loving the vintage hairstyles decade by decade! Here is a fab summary for you to consider when styling your vintage dress look. Make your statement with Grandma’s antique jewellery and handbags. Add sheer nylon stockings with seams, sky-high heels and sensual satin gloves. Top it off with a Curly Bob hairdo, Marcel Waves, Finger Curls, Victory Rolls or French Braids. Add vintage hair clips, jewels or beautiful flowers. Lovelies - make your own statement.

The 20’s

The 20s were all about bobs and waves. If you were fun and funky, you styled a messy bob – a long fringe brushed across the forehead and soft curls on the sides that bounced as you walk.
For a more sophisticated look, the angular bob of the Art Deco era was a sleek and stylish look. This cut featured a straight long fringe and a straight blunt cut on the sides that fell just below the ears. Actress Louis Brooks made this her signature style in Diary of a Lost Girl, 1929.

The famous Old Hollywood Waves were long and blond! They fell well below the shoulders in soft undulation waves. Use a long barrel tong to curl and set the waves. Then brush it out so it becomes voluminous and full. This style does not need too much hair gel. It is one of the softer and more natural of all the vintage styles.

The 30’s

 In the 30s, the angular bob transformed into a longer bob that grazed the cheekbones. Here we see the style worn by the famous American star Anna May Wong in Piccadilly, 1929.

Finger waves made a hit in the 30s. Famous movie stars like Betty Davis loved this look. Use a fine-tooth comb and a strong sculpturing gel. Form the sleek S-Shape with your fingers, gel and allow to set. You can do tight finger curls on short hair and looser curls on medium to longer hair.


The 40's

During the difficult war years, thousands of ladies worked in industrial factories, doing the jobs of the men who were away at war. They created hairdo’s that were both feminine and practical. Getting hair caught up in a machine was not an option.
The famous Victory Curls and Victory Rolls were popular styles. Large curls were piled on top of the head and the length was wound around the head into a roll, almost like a halo. After the workday ended, the roll was released, allowing it to flow free, with the nest of curls on top. 

The iconic actress Elizabeth Ruth Grable, better known as Betty Grable was an American actress, dancer, model, pin-up girl and singer. She starred in 42 movies during the 30s and 40s. Here she wears a classic Victory Curl hairdo.


The 50's

The 50s wowed with styles ranging from tight barrel curls to the iconic pixie cut that Audrey Hepburn made famous.

Linda Darnell plays the heroine in the movie Forever Amber. Here she wears classic tight barrel curls.

The beautiful Audrey Hepburn was the fashion icon of millions of young women in the 50s. She defined the pixie cut – previously unknown for a lady to wear such a short style.

Add flowers to your vintage pin up look!

The perfect finish to a vintage dress look is a flower in your hair. Here, our stunning model wears our beautiful Red Peony Collared Dress. She styles her hair in luxe soft waves and pins in a matching red bloom.

Vintage dress style calls for scarves

The 50s also saw the innovative use of scarves as part of a hairdo. 

Create an effortlessly easy twisted turban. Enhance a bouffant by folding your scarf into thirds and tying around the front. Wrap a scarf around your head and allow a long feminine trail to flutter behind you. Tie into a huge bow on top of your head for the ultimate girly look. Go glam - wrap a scarf around your head, knot securely under your chin and slip on those designer shades. Darlings – you are looking fab!

01 August 2020