We know how our ladies LUV to travel! Whether you are flying to a cosmopolitan city in Europe, heading down to the beach or taking a weekend break in the country, you are on your way. Packing your clothes correctly may sound like too much hard work, but the last thing you want is to end up wearing a creased little number when the cameras start flashing. You don't have to spend your vacation wearing wrinkled clothing and clashing colours. 



Start by planning your packing with these simple rules.

- Think about every item and decide whether you really need it. Choose basics like solid coloured skirts, tops, pants and a couple of fun dresses for evenings out.

- Jeans are very bulky and will make your case extra heavy. Wearing yours on the plane makes perfect sense!

- Try to choose clothes made of synthetic fabrics like nylon, Lycra or polyester as they are almost wrinkle-free. Wool, cashmere and other knits also hold up well when packed.

- Separate what you are taking into shoes, clothing, toiletries and tech gadgets. Place all toiletries into a waterproof cosmetic bag.

- We know you love shoes, but only take a few pairs. One pair for day comfort, one for walking and site-seeing, and one set of high-heels for evening outings.

- Choose a few must-have accessories like jewellery, scarves, bags and sun hats. Leave the rest at home.


Pack in layers to protect your clothes



Pack your shoes into shoe bags and place them at the bottom of your case. You can fill the spaces between the bags with small items like socks, scarves, lingerie and accessories.

Roll up your heavier items and place them on top of the shoe bags. Rolling may take time, but it prevents creases and makes the best use of space. Lighter and softer items like cashmere or satin can be rolled and placed on top. Put formal pants or suits at the top, carefully folded along the lines where they will crease the least. Lastly, pack in an empty laundry bag on top to protect everything. The bag can be used for keeping dirty clothes separate.

Keep your tech-gadgets close at hand in a shoulder sling bag or travel tote. It is safer than sending them into the luggage store.

If you are flying – weigh your bag. You don't want to be embarrassed at the airport in front of a queue of restless travellers.

A handy little weighing device is the Rotopata High Precision Luggage Scale.

 Take it along with you. After all your retail therapy, your luggage bags will be a lot heavier on the return trip! 



Steam out those creases

No matter how carefully you pack, you are bound to be faced with some creasing and crumpling of your fave outfits.



We always recommend taking along a portable handheld steamer. These nifty little devices are light and easy to use and will save the day when you are faced with a creased ensemble and a big event.

The Kambrook Handheld Garment and Fabric Steamer 1100 Watts heats up quick and holds 250mls of water, more than enough to sort out any look.



It won’t leak or spill and allows you to steam both vertically and horizontally. The steamer is safe for any fabric including cotton, wool and silk, and the compact design makes it ideal for travelling.


Fix those snags and loose buttons

Packing and unpacking can cause damage to your garments. Always keep a small sewing kit on hand. The compact AUERVO DIY Mini Travel Sewing Kit offers a selection of 18 coloured threads, a Stainless Steel scissors, a measuring tape, 30 needles and more!




You can easily fix a dropped hem, sew on a button or mend a split seam. For those who struggle to thread a needle, there are two handy needle threaders. All the components are packed into a neat zip-up case that slips easily into your luggage.


Hang up your clothes as soon as you get to your destination

Although you may be super excited to start exploring your holiday venue, take some time to unpack and hang up your clothes. Hanging clothes up allows them to breathe and helps to remove wrinkles.


Don’t forget your vintage style!



Don’t forget to take along a classic vintage dress for those lazy summer afternoon outings. Our stunning Blue Keyhole Short Sleeve Crane & Blossom A Line Cotton Vintage Dress with Pockets is a hot favourite at the moment! The design captures clear blue skies with magnificent cranes swooping over fields of pink and white blossoms, - a true picture of perfection. Cranes symbolise beauty, harmony and grace and bring balance into your life. You will feel the vibe when you wear this fab retro dress.

26 July 2022